Commercial Solar Power Installation Los Angeles

Sunergy Solar Inc is a financing company for industrial projects with third investor, specializing in the development of renewable energy and specifically in commercial solar power installation projects in Los Angeles. Sunergy Solar Inc today is a commercial brand of the Company.

The projects are intended for industrial or commercial companies with high electricity consumption and availability of large roof or ground surface.

The owners of the buildings are given the opportunity in this way to achieve renewable energy plants with a very attractive profitability thanks to the immediate consumption by the energy generated.

This own consumption of energy is both financially and technically very interesting because no electricity costs and no tax, and the right to green certificates can be sold.

The customer has the opportunity to be part of the unused space on the roof or to upgrade to the ground by installing a Sunergy solar power system for a period of 15 years and also play an important role in the field of environmental conservation. To compensate for the free use of the electricity the customer pays the investor a rent which is lower than the cost that he should buy effectively; at the end of the lease, the customer can become the owner of the installation. Such an investment provides the Company an attractive profitability with very limited risk, based on the income of the rental and sale of green certificates.

The rigorous selection of the opportunities along with the banks (solvency of customers, validation of profitability, building rights), the technical validation of projects by independent approval organisms and the strict management of the entire process by the Company’s engineers ensure maximum limitation of risks.

To boost the development of these activities is the Company seeking additional investors for its portfolio of local projects, durable and practical, to these investors, the company is offering an interest rate of low cost interst for 10 years on a bond to subscribe.