Solar Panel Installation Contractor Los Angeles

We offer high quality solar services at an affordable price. Our products and equipment are all American made and help strengthen our country’s economy by creating job opportunities for thousands of Americans. Our promise is to make your switch to solar easy and affordable for everyone. Purchasing, leasing and financing are available at our company and we offer a 30 year warranty on all our products.


All installations are carried out by professional solar installers. They are licensed and trained with years of experience so you can feel good about correct mounting and placement from your system so that it produces energy at its full potential. We install solar panel systems for commercial and residential properties and want to cut your dependency from overpriced utility companies. We also provide solar panels for people that want to buy them separately from all of our other premium services.


We provide 24 hour monitoring for your solar system to ensure that it’s running at full performance. This means you will be producing more energy than what you need. You might even get some bought back from the utility provider if there is any extra electricity you don’t use for that given cycle.


Solar incentives are at an all time high. We’re not the only ones who want you to make the switch. The government also does and that’s why they’re offering federal tax credits that can come in handy for tax season in April. Leave it to us to chase after incentives from the government and rebates from your city, state and local utility provider. We can get you back up to 30% of your initial solar investment so you can see a return of investment even faster!