How It Works

Solar Panel Installation Contractor Los Angeles

Here are some simple steps we will take to get you started with Solar:

  • Your Free In home Consultation- First we would like to schedule a free in home consultation to see if solar is right for you. Likely it is,so we will need to look at your roof and landscaping to strategically know where to place the panels. We will prepare an on the spot customized quote once everything is in order.
  • Your Contract- Your unique contract will offer you the chance to be locked into a low fixed rate for leasing or financing for the next 20 years. Rest assured there will be no hidden charges. However, there will be 30 year warranties you can trust.
  • Your Systems Design- We will need to measure the area that your solar consultant has decided to place your panels to ensure sleek design for optimal appearance. Then based on your home size we will determine the amount of power your system needs to produce.
  • Installation- We will file all paperwork necessary to start the installation process and begin the install. We will also take part of filing the right forms and applications to get you up to 30% back on your solar investment. Just sit back and enjoy the benefits.
  • Start saving- Get the approval from your utility company, flip the on switch, and start saving thousands while benefiting the environment.