Home Solar Power System Los Angeles

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Solar panels installation only connected to the mains

During a power outage, the solar panels produce no electricity. This for two reasons, one technical and safety related and one legal.

Technical and safety
Solar panels to produce electricity have also needed electricity. This electricity comes from the grid. In turn produce solar electricity itself. The amount of electricity that produce solar panels is not always right, and the excess is sent back into the power grid for other consumers. When the solar panels with low production of electricity, it is necessary to allow correct difference your devices function provided by the power grid.

If different kinds of electrical appliances are powered by solar panels as is the case, this would cause serious damage. Therefore, the solar panels also stop working during power outages.

In case of power is assumed that no electricity is available on the net. However, solar panels deliver their excess power back to the grid off for other consumers. To prevent this, every solar panel required by law to turn off power failure. This is done by using a built-in detector in the solar panel installation . If the solar panels continue to provide power to a power failure, the technicians risking being electrocuted when they carry out work on the net.

Solar panels connected to the mains and batteries or installation ‘off the grid’

Solar panels which are connected to the network and store their excess electricity in a battery will continue to operate during power outages. This is undoubtedly one of the great benefits of solar panels, especially when you take into account the problems with the Los Angeles. However, the power goes off even for a few seconds before the system switches to the battery. Solar panels with a battery require a significant investment of several thousand euros, making this type of installation is uncommon for private use.

Solar panels which are completely independent, or ‘off the grid’ called continue seamlessly continue working during power failures, and all electrical appliances. This type of solar panel installation occurs in remote areas where no electricity exists. In many cases, this type of installation used a battery to store excess electricity so there’s power available in the evening and at night. Recently, there are also converters which store electricity.