Solar Panels for Homes Los Angeles

If you put solar panels on your home, you must meet the installation condition. The installation condition is not applicable if you put solar panels for example, a stable, a commercial building, a single garage or shed.

This condition implies that the heat resistance of your entire roof and / or attic floor at least 3 m² K / W may be. If your roof and attic floor were both isolated and lie one above the other in the same room that is not heated (using the attic just as storage), the values ​​may be added.

You also may erect walls of rooms under the roof are insulated. However, it is useless to partially insulate your roof. Careful so well that the full width of the roof, wall to wall , sufficiently isolated.

It makes no sense just finished rooms to isolate all heat also can escape.

Therefore insulate the attic floor or roof slopes alongside the finished rooms. If insufficient installation is present, you are not entitled to the guaranteed minimum support of the operator. In the application you will be asked in good faith to declare that your roof and / or attic floor are sufficiently installers. Sunergy Solar Inc or your network operator can always come on site to check whether this is true.

An acknowledgment of receipt of an isolation premium or an invoice of installation sufficient to show that you have the proper installation. If you have any of these documents, you must determine if your roof and attic floor are sufficiently installers.

There are no devices that can measure that. If necessary, you must remove a piece of roof or attic lining. An overview of different installation and the minimum thickness can be found on

If no evidence can present the controller assumes that no installation was placed there. If an audit reveals that there is no or insufficient installation present is, suspend the operator the payment for your green. Moreover, the Sunergy Solar Inc can inform the police or the prosecutor about forgery with your application.

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