Here are a few frequently asked questions from solar customers.

We are here to answer any question you have. If there is some information you didn’t find here please feel free to give us a call anytime so we can answer any solar question you have

- Many factors play into being a candidate for solar. Owning the property where it is being installed is a must. High utility bills and a good credit score also will determine if you can benefit from solar.

- With strategic placement of the panels on your roof to get the most sunlight exposure, your system can typically produce from 50-90% of your power needs dramatically increasing annual savings.

- Your system will produce system only when there is sunlight, however it stores electricity not used in your power grid for you to use at night and during days with unfavorable weather. In addition, when you still have unused electricity in your power grid your local utility can actually choose to buy it back from you!

- All of our solar panels are designed in a way to blend in with your roof space. They are mounted strategically to not look elegant on your roof and wiring is always out of sight.

-Leasing typically is the better option for most with little to no down payment and 20 year fixed rates lower than your current electricity bill. Purchasing is a viable option if you have the money to put up and want to have a solid investment which most see in 5-10 years.

- Installing solar panels on your home increases its resale value! You can transfer payments of what you still owe to the new homeowner if you are leasing, or you can buy the system out and include that in the market price of your home. If you purchased the panels then your value of your home can go up anywhere from $15k-$30k more.

Understand that all your other questions can be answered on the phone with our staff of solar professionals or during your free in home consultation.