About Us

Solar Power Los Angeles

Sunergy Solar has been southern California’s leading solar power company for the past 15 years. Our company is built upon excellent customer service along with product and service reliability you can trust. We have helped thousands all over southern California switch to using renewable energy. Our mission is to help our customers save money while saving the earth. Our team of professionals are here to assist you through every step of the transition to using solar power. Sunergy Solar is peoples first choice in clean, green, renewable energy.

Sunergy Solar has helped business, homeowners, government facilities, and municipal buildings all over southern California go solar. Our state of the art solar panels are sure to produce sufficient amounts of energy for your property. We like to schedule free in home consultations to analyze your specific needs. Our expert installers strategically look to place your panels in a place with maximum sunlight. Once your system is up and running Sunergy Solar will monitor its production 24 hours a day to ensure energy efficiency. We want to gain our customers maximum savings, this is why we offer comfortable leasing and financing programs for your system with 20 year low fixed rates. We want to minimize your hassle so we take care of all paperwork to gain you up to 30% back on your total investment from government incentives and tax rebates.

Sunergy Solar will be there for you every step of the way during your solar transition. Our job is not done until our customers are happy. Our solar energy services leave all our customers happy from the start with day one savings. Help the environment, eliminate your high electric bills, and partner with Sunergy solar to get a solar system installed on your roof today. Our solar staff is standing by to assist you. Call now to schedule your free in home solar consultation. 1-844-SUNERGY.